Friday, August 13, 2010

Days 10 & 11 - On which we thank the Maker!

Early days and long nights have prevented us from making daily updates to the blog. The show got off to a great start Thursday, and Friday brought with it additional excitement. Before we dive in with those details, let's recap our last several dinners courtesy our traveling chef:

Tuesday night 8/10
Tom & Terri Hodges joined us for dinner consisting of Penne Pasta with sauteed Leeks & Lemon Sauce, Potato-Corn Quiche (with scallions and gruyere cheese), Tomato & Watermelon Salad (with cucumber, avocado and a mix of fresh herbs), fresh mixed green salad and french baguette.

Wednesday night 8/11
While Paul and Athena were off enjoying Disney World, the rest of us went to Charley's Steakhouse with Tsuneo Sanda, his wife Sachiko, and their translator Akiko. It was an amazing meal!

Thursday night 8/12
Avocado Salsa (red & yellow tomatoes with scallions, avocado and sweet corn), Risotto Alla Primavera (risotto with yellow and zucchini squash, corn, peas, carrots and onions) and Gratin Dauphinois (thinly sliced potatoes baked in cream with garlic - no cheese).

The show opened promptly for VIPs just after 9am Thursday morning, frankly before we were ready for them...

We had a steady line of customers buying signed prints, the souvenir program, and more from open to close.

On Friday morning we were honored to have a pre-opening visit from none other than George Lucas himself. When we were introduced as the folks behind The Art of Ralph McQuarrie book, he complimented us on a job well done. We interrupted his tour of the gallery to get a snapshot of him with Ralph's drawing that bears an uncanny resemblance to how he looks today (which is not at all what he looked like when the drawing was originally created).

Paul was able to show George Ralph's first Star Wars drawing:

John asked if he anticipated when he hired Ralph that he'd get such impressive results, to which George replied, "You never know. I was looking for someone to do the job, and I knew he could do it. I've hired a hundred artists. Two-thirds of them turn out to be very good. One-third not so much. 10 percent are brilliant; Ralph was brilliant."

Not a bad day for these 2 idiots!

We're halfway through the show, with the biggest day on the horizon. We anticipate we may have time in the morning to catch our breath, as the Jon Stewart/George Lucas interview tomorrow will suck in at least 7000 people across the auditorium where it's happening and related overflow rooms. In fact, as we write this at 11:00pm the night before, we've already read reports that people are camped out to get a wristband that will allow them into one of the screening areas.

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