Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 6 - The Final Frontier

While the rain on Saturday was kind enough to go away when it came time to leave the condo, Sunday was just the opposite. We waited out quite a downpour to avoid having to swim to the car for our trip to Kennedy Space Center. Once on our way, we had our share of torrential rain.

By the time we arrived it had stopped raining. As we made our way across the vast parking lot, Vonna pulled a line straight out of Young Frankenstein, and lo and behold, the sky opened up on us. Fortunately once it stopped, it stopped for the day.

Once inside the center, we were just in time to line up for our extended tour. We were able to get within a mile of historic launch complexes 39A and 39B, where all of the lunar landing missions took place (Apollo 7 was the last manned spaceflight to launch from Cape Canaveral). All Space Shuttle missions have launched from these as well. There are currently two more planned Shuttle launches before the program is retired, one in November and one recently added for next February.

We also got within a few hundred feet of the 525 foot tall Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB). It's massive size is hard to appreciate - you can see it looming in the distance from miles away. It was built to allow for a Saturn V rocket atop a crawler to exit the building upright.

We were then dropped off at a Saturn V center which has one of three original Saturn V rockets on display. You can truly appreciate how massive a vehicle it is when you're standing underneath it.

While Stan and Vonna waited, John hopped on a Space Shuttle launch simulator. Imagine a Star Tours ride where they tip you on your back and shake you up through the first several minutes of a launch.

Our last stop on the tour was the memorial to the astronauts who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the American Space Program, including the crew members of Apollo 1, Challenger STS 51-L, and Columbia STS-107.

We went straight from Kennedy Space Center to the Orlando Airport to pick up Paul and Athena, who somehow managed to land almost an hour ahead of schedule. Fortunately we were able to find them and whisk them off to the condo without repeated trips through the airport.

Back at the condo, Vonna prepared another fine menu:

Cheese, crackers, fruit & veg for starters to calm all weary travelers, then fettuccini with tomatoes and basil; corn bread with sharp cheddar and chives; and curried chicken fruit salad - with again the obligatory choc chip cookies after dinner.

On Monday, we're planning to head out to Epcot for our last day of fun in the sun. Tuesday we setup the art gallery, Wednesday we setup the booth in the exhibit hall, and Star Wars Celebration V starts on Thursday!

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